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Angelwax Bliss Air Freshener

Angelwax Bliss Air Freshener
Weight: 1 lbs 3 ozs
A unique combination of fruity and woody accents give Angelwax Bliss an irresistible scent!
Price: $24.99
Product Details
  • Unique combination of fruity and woody accents.
  • Unique fragrances combined with odor eliminators.
  • Leaves your car smelling fresh and rejuvenated.
Angelwax Bliss is a beautifully crafted air freshener designed to leave the environment within your car smelling fresh and rejuvenated. Angelwax's unique combination of fruit and woody accents gives a unique scent combination that is irresistible makes your car smelling great!

Angelwax air fresheners combine unique fragrances and odor eliminators that get to work on carpets and interior fabrics to leave them smelling heavenly! One spray of Angelwax Bliss provides a fresh scent that lasts for up to one month. 

As with all Angelwax products, Angelwax Bliss has been rigorously tested in their lab and by the best detailers in the business to ensure they have created yet another perfect product for the care of your car.

Size: 300 ml
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