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Meguiar's M110 & M210 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Starter Kit - 5 Inch

Meguiar's M110 & M210 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Starter Kit - 5 Inch
Meguiar's M110 & M210 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Starter Kit - 5 Inch
SKU: 110210KT
Weight: 6 lbs 8 ozs
Try Meguair's Ultra Pro Compound & Finishing Polish with the pads recommended by Meguiar's!
Price: $119.99
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Product Details
  • The perfect kit to get you started using Meguiar's new Ultra Pro combo!
  • The pads in this kit are those recommended by Meguiar's Professional sales team.
  • Starter Kit includes:
    • (1) Meguiar's 110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound, 32 oz.
    • (1) Meguiar's 210 Ultra Finishing Polish, 32 oz.
    • (2) Meguiar's 5 Inch DA Foam Cutting Discs
    • (2) Meguiar's 5 Inch DA Foam Polishing Discs
    • (1) Autofiber Buffmaster Microfiber Towel 5-Pack
The Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Starter Kit gives you all the products you need to get started using Meguiar's new Mirror Glaze 110 Ultra Pro Compound and Mirror Glaze 210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish. The pads chosen for the kit were those recommended by the Meguiar's Professional Team and we also put in a 5-pack of Autofiber Buffmaster Towels to make cleanup even easier!

Both of Meguiar's new products, 110 and 210, feature Meguiar's special SMAT abrasives and were designed with both short- and long- throw DA polishers in mind, not just rotaries. 

Ultra Pro Compound, 110, redefines what a compound can do. It is all new from the ground up, capable of quickly removing 1200 grit or finer sanding marks while finishing down better than any other Meguiar's compound. It offers quick cutting, a long buffing cycle and a low dust formula for easy cleanup. 

To partner with 110, we've included two Meguiar's DA Foam Cutting Discs. These are the pads recommended by the professionals at Meguiar's to use with 110. You may be thinking...why not use Meguiar's Microfiber Cutting Pads with 110? Since 110 was developed with short- and long-throw DA polishers in mind, it does not require the heat build up other compounds need to work effectively. Using the DA Foam Cutting Discs will yield better results due to less heat on the paint surface.

Once you have compounded with Meguiar's 110, you'll want to move to Meguiar's 210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish. Meguiar's 210 was developed to be used after 110 in a two-step compound and polish. It quickly and easily removes haze, holograms or light defects while leaving a high gloss finish. It's offers excellent refining ability on even the most finicky hard or soft sensitive paint.

To achieve a flawless finish, Meguiar's recommends using the Yellow DA Foam Polishing Discs. We put two in the kit, because you don't want a clogged pad which will result in poor pad performance. Pushing your pad too far will reduce the quality of the finish.

Both Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound and Ultra Pro Finishing Polish wipe off and clean up very easily however we wanted to make cleanup even easier for you! We included five Autofiber Buffmaster Microfiber Towels. Buffmaster microfiber towels were designed specifically to remove compound and polish residue easily. The microfiber is woven in a tight closed loop pattern with a low pile that cuts through polish residue quickly and easily!

If you've been thinking about trying out the new Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound and Ultra Pro Finishing Polish, this is the kit for you!
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