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SONAX Engine Detail Kit

SONAX Engine Detail Kit
SONAX Engine Detail Kit
Weight: 4 lbs 8 ozs
Everything you need to give your engine compartment an intense, clean shine.
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Product Details
  • Gives your engine compartment an intense, clean shine!
  • Quickly and reliably cleans oil and grease away.
  • Includes everything you need:
    • (1) SONAX Engine Cleaner, 500 ml
    • (1) SONAX Plastic Care, 300 ml
    • (1) SONAX Intensive Cleaning Brush
    • (4) Black Microfiber Towels
The SONAX Engine Detail Kit gives you everything you need to give your engine compartment an intense, clean shine! Detailing your engine can be tricky, but one of the most important aspects is using the right cleaners to safely get the job done. With the SONAX Engine Detail Kit, you get everything you need to safely and effectively detail your engine!

The main component of the kit is SONAX Engine Cleaner. It's unique; phosphat-free, acid-free and solvent-free formula is safe for all engine components. It quickly and reliably cleans all oil and grease from your engine comparment. It has outstading infiltration ability, enabling it to reach even the most inaccessible places.

To use SONAX Engine Cleaner spray onto a cool, dry engine and let it dwell for 5-10 minutes. If the engine is heavily soiled, lightly brush it with the SONAX Intensive Cleaning Brush. This mid-stiffness level bristles make this brush ideal for a number of detailing jobs...including detailing engines. It offers just the right amount of aggressiveness to clean effectively without damaging the surface. Once you have completed agitating the heavily soiled areas, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

After you have rinsed away all the oil and grease you will want to apply SONAX Plastic Care to all the plastic surfaces. While the engine compartment is still wet, apply SONAX Plastic Care to produce an intense, clean shine. The water-based, solvent-free formula will interact with the water present and lays down a renewed finish. It will rejuvenate the color of your plastic components and hide scratches. Plastic Care takes 30 minutes to an hour to interact with the water. 

And that's it. We've included four black microfiber for when the need arises. Make sure to consult your owner's manual or dealership for any necessary precautions such as covering and protecting electrical connections, etc...!
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