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Solution Finish Fusion Grey Plastic & Vinyl Restorer, 12 oz.

Solution Finish Fusion Grey Plastic & Vinyl Restorer, 12 oz.
Solution Finish Fusion Grey Plastic & Vinyl Restorer, 12 oz.
Weight: 1 lbs 4 ozs
Quickly and easily restores faded, discolored or oxidized black surfaces to a "better than new" rich black finish.
Price: $39.99
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Product Details
  • Quickly and easily restores faded, discolored or oxidized grey plastic surfaces to a "better than new" rich finish.
  • All natural oils condition and protect
  • Deep, dark "No Wet Look"
  • Developed by professionals, for professionals
  • Easy application
  • Quick to dry, no greasy residue
It took Chris West at Solution Finish 3 years of intense formulation and testing to create Fusion Grey. There's no other product on the market designed to restore oxidized, sun damaged grey plastic and vinyl. Just as with SF Black, you'll be astonished with the results.

Professional detailers need the very best products that are fast, easy to use, and provide outstanding results and Solution Finish delivers. Solution Finish restores originally grey plastic and vinyl surfaces to a deep, rich finish with-out the "wet look" shine. Solution Finish dries quickly with no greasy residue.

Solution Finish is ideal for restoring, conditioning and protecting any originally grey plastic and vinyl surface. Use it to restore bumpers, pads, mirrors, mud flaps, window trim. door seals, running boards, truck bed caps, door handles and more. 

When using Solution Finish, make sure to wear gloves (a must) and eye protection. Make sure to handle Solution Finish carefully as it will stain clothing and skin. I would also suggest taping off any painted surfaces around the surface being treated. 

To achieve the best results, make sure the surface to be treated is clean and cool. It is wise to work in the shade. Shake your bottle well and apply a small amount to a foam or microfiber applicator pad. Spread a thin coat over the area in an even motion, making sure to completely cover the area. All Solution Finish to penetrate for 1-2 minutes and then buff off any excess with a clean microfiber applicator. If you happen to get any Solution Finish on painted or glass surfaces; wipe off immediately. It will stain unsealed paint.

Once finished, you can stand back and admire the results! You do not want to wash the treated surface for at least four hours after application. Store your bottle in a dry, cool place away from heat or flame. One 12 ounce bottle of Solution Finish will treat up to 36 complete vehicles, so make sure to keep the cap tightened when storing.

Solution Finish contains an organic oil that can generate heat as it dries and can cause spontaneous combustion. Never pile oily material or leave where heat is present. Rinse towels and sponges with detergent and rinse well. Spread all rinsed materials to dry flattening them in a well ventilated area.

Size: 12 oz.
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