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Stoner More Shine Tire Coating (Aerosol), 12 oz.

Stoner More Shine Tire Coating (Aerosol), 12 oz.
Stoner More Shine Tire Coating (Aerosol), 12 oz.
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The fast and easy way to make tires look their best.
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Stoner's More Shine Tire Coating is the fastest, easiest way to make tires look brand new.  This long-lasting, spray-on coating makes dull, faded tires look brand new in seconds. 
More Shine is not a messy foam or drippy liquid.  The aerosol spray requires no wiping and it just take 15 seconds per tire to apply.  One application will last for weeks on your tires.  You will love how easy it is to give your tires a deep, dark, showroom look when you use More Shine. 
Other brands do not last because they are made with surfactants (soaps) that wash off easily in water.  More Shine's proprietary High-Active formula contains no water or surfactants so it lasts longer and does not "brown" tires.  More Shine is a clear, non-greasy spray that does not foam, drip or streak and does not harm your wheels or paint.
You can also control the finish with More Shine.  Spray a light coating for a soft matte finish or a heavy coating for a bright, shiny finish.  If you prefer a high-gloss finish, just apply a second coating for an amazing high-gloss shine.
Directions:  More Shine is simple and easy-to-use.  Using a steady hand motion, spray a uniform coating of More Shine to the sidewall of a clean tire.  You should be able to shine all four of your tires in just one minute.  If you want a high-gloss finish, apply a second coating of More Shine.

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