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Optimum Car Wax, 128 oz.

Optimum Car Wax, 128 oz.
Optimum Car Wax, 128 oz.
SKU: OPT-101
Weight: 9 lbs
Truly one of a kind!
Price: $49.99
Product Details
  • Provides up to five months protection from a spray application.
  • Contains UVA and UVB inhibitors to protect your vehicles paint from the sun.
  • Polymer/Carnauba system gives you the best of both worlds, synthetic and natural waxes.
  • Contains no petroluem chemicals.
Optimum Car Wax is the only spray wax with a patented (patent # 6,669,763) polymer/carnauba system that provides up to five months of protection.It is also the only spray wax with a patented (patent # 6,685,765) UV protection system that contains UVA and UVB inhibitors that protect your vehicle's paint from the sun's harmful rays. Simply stated, Optimum Car Wax is truly one of a kind.

The polymer/carnauba system gives your vehicle the look of a high-grade carnauba wax with the protection of a paint sealant.The carnauba creates a warm, high-gloss finish while the polymers bond the shine to the paint, for a long-lasting durable shine that will last for up to five months.

Optimum Car Wax is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain any petroleum chemicals or VOC's.The non-abrasiveformula is extremely easy to use and will not scratch or swirl your vehicle's finish.

When using Optimum Car Wax, it is best to apply it in the shade to a cool surface.This will avoid baking the wax onto the vehicle which makes it difficult to move.Simply spray evenly onto a clean, dry surface, and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.Make sure to wipe the entire surface, not just where Optimum Car Wax was sprayed.This will spread the wax over the surface so you do not have unprotected areas.

Size: 128 oz.

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"Deep Warm Shine that Lasts" Purchased from Autoality

on 2/21/2019 3:47:51 PM

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Review: I was thoroughly impressed with how long the protection lasts when compared to other spray waxes. I also am a huge fan of that warm deep shine that only wax offers.