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"Angelwax Enigma Interno"

on 6/10/2020 12:53:52 AM

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Review: Like everything made by Angelwax, especially the Enigma line, this stuff is awesome. I love the fact it serves as a dual purpose product for interior surfaces as well, both trim AND fabrics! That's a win-win. Plus, it just works so darn well. On fabrics, light even coats are best, misting into the carpets, cloth seats, etc. and then I take an upholstery brush and brush the product into the fabric. Then do another light misting after about 10-15 minutes and again, brush it into the fabric. Finally, do a final light misting after 5-10 more minutes but allow the final misting to sit as is and dry (do not brush in). This is a more effective way of getting optimal coverage and effectiveness from this product as a fabric protectant. Very simple use on hard surfaces, just mist on, wipe the product in with a microfiber which also simultaneously mops up the excess. Move to next panel or area repeating the same process. Simple and very effective product. Angelwax is one of the best values in the detailing world-HANDS DOWN! It may seem a little costly in the beginning (although it's really not that costly) but a little goes a long way, and the quality is some of the best in the business! You won't go wrong with this stuff, I assure you. That's anything in their ENIGMA Line.