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Spun Gold Wash Mitt, 8" x 11"

Spun Gold Wash Mitt, 8" x 11"
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Weight: 0 lbs 4 ozs
A heavy duty wash pad made from synthetic lorene fibers.
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Product Details
Spun Gold wash mitts are the finest synthetic wash mitts on the market. They are made from heavy-duty, long wearing Lorene synthetic fibers. These highly efficient, scratch-proof, double-faced mitts carry an abundance of soap and water to safely loosen and lift dirt away from your vehicle's surface. The synthetic Lorene fibers will withstand heat, gasoline and detergents.

If you wash multiple cars in a day, the Spun Gold wash mitt is ideal. When you wash with a microfiber mitt or pad, you will find they get very heavy as the day goes on. The Spun Gold wash mitt holds a more efficient amount of water, making them lighter, and your job easier, than using a microfiber wash mitt or pad.

Care for your Spun Gold wash mitt is easy. Simply toss it into the washing machine and then let it air dry in a clean, dry place.

Size: 8" x 11" (Including Cuff)
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