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Nextzett Wheel and Tire Combo

Nextzett Wheel and Tire Combo
Nextzett Wheel and Tire Combo
Weight: 4 lbs 4 ozs
Clean your wheels and dress your tires with this Nextzett combo!
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Product Details
No detail is complete without addressing your wheels and tires. The Nextzett Wheel and Tire Combo gives you what you need to get (and keep) your wheels and tires looking great! 

The combo starts with Nextzett Felgenreiniger Colortec Wheel Cleaner. This fast acting wheel cleaner effectively removes brake dust and road grime from your wheels. The color changing formula lets you know its working as it changes to purple. Colortec is tough on grime, yet gentle on all wheel finishes and is able to clean those hard to reach places such as lug nuts and the back of the wheel. Little to no agitation is required to get optimal results. Just spray, allow Colortec to work, and when the color changes to purple, rinse thoroughly with a strong jet of water.

Once you've finished cleaning your wheels you want to allow your tires to dry. Once dried, apply Nextzett Aktiv Autobalsam Vinyl-Rubber Extra to your tires. Vinyl-Rubber Extra will protect and enhance your tires with a non-greasy, low gloss finish. The formula contains deep penetrating conditioning oils that prevent drying and cracking due to heat, sun, weather and pollution. Vinyl-Rubber Extra applies a weather and dust resistant seal ensuring the conditioning oils remain for long-lasting protection and appearance.

*This combo is not recommended if you have uncoated powder coated wheels.

This combo is perfect to pair with the Nextzett Car Wash Combo. Together, these two combos address your exterior detailing needs. Add on the Nextzett Interior Essentials Combo and you will have all the products you need to detail the exterior and interior of your your car. 

If you are a professional detailer who is interested in this combo, we offer Nextzett Colortec Wheel Cleaner in a bulk 5L size.
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