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McKee's 37 Big Gold Sponge

McKee's 37 Big Gold Sponge
McKee's 37 Big Gold Sponge
SKU: MK37-1610
Weight: 0 lbs 13 ozs
Super soft foam and a cross-cut design will make this your favorite wash media!
Price: $24.99
Product Details
  • Constructed of the softest foam available.
  • Cross cut design safely pulls dirt away from the surface.
  • Easy to hold with notches on all four sides.
  • Use for conventional washes and rinseless washes.
McKee's 37 Big Gold Sponge will quickly become your favorite wash media thanks to is super soft foam and cross-cut design. This easy to handle sponge is 7 x 5 x 3 inches and features notches on all four sides for a comfortable hold.

The Big Gold Sponge is constructed of the softest foam available. The cross-cut design, on both sides, creates channels that pull dirt and grime away from the paint and into the channels. This feature, along with its soft foam, reduces the chance swirl marks and scratches occur during the wash process.

The gold foam is as absorbent as it is soft. You will be amazed at how much area you can wash before needing to rinse and reload it. Use the Big Gold Sponge for conventional or rinseless washes. 

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