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Gyeon Q2 Mohs EVO - 50 ml

Gyeon Q2 Mohs EVO - 50 ml
Gyeon Q2 Mohs EVO - 50 ml
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A completely redesigned coating with an easy single layer application, that leaves your paint with an amazing gloss, slick feel and an outstanding water beading effect.
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Product Details
  • Completely redesigned coating featuring fluoro modified polisylazane technology.
  • Fast application with a really easy wipe off.
  • Leaves paint feeling slick with a clean, crisp look and an outstanding water beading effect.
  • Specifications:
    • 1 Layer Durability: Up to 3 years/40k km
    • 2 Layer Durability: Up to 4 years/50k km
    • Consumption: 15-25ml/car
    • pH Tolerance: 2-11
    • Gloss: 5/5
    • Beading: 5/5
    • Self Cleaning: 5/5
  • In the Box:
    • Q2 Mohs EVO, 50 ml
    • Q2M Coating Applicator
    • Instruction Manual & Maintenance Booklet
    • Door stickers
    • #Gyeonized sticker
Gyeon's legendary Mohs coating has been completely redesigned, now featuring a world-first use of the fluoro modified polisylazane technology within the car care industry. Why is this so important? Modifying polisylazanes brings enormous benefits in durability, chemical resistance and ease of use. 

Mohs EVO is a completely new new coating! Old Mohs wasn't easy to apply, left the paint feeling like old raw paint and water tended to sheet off the surface. Mohs EVO is the complete opposite. It's a one coat, fast application with a really easy wipe off that lasts up to three years. It leaves your paint feeling very slick with a clean, crisp look and water beads instead of sheets.

New Mohs EVO will last up to three years with a single application. That's right! No layering Mohs EVO to get those three years! The best part is that single layer is very fast to apply and has a really easy wipe off!

Like all Gyeon's EVO coatings, Mohs EVO can be applied outdoors making it very friendly for mobile detailing! Just pay attention to the weather. Make sure to apply out of direct sunlight and make sure the coating does not get wet for the first 12 hours after application.

If you're looking for an easy to use, durable coating that offers an amazing gloss and beading, then look no further than Mohs EVO!

How to apply Gyeon Mohs EVO:
  1. Thoroughly wash, decontaminate and polish the car as desired.
  2. Wipe the car with Q2M Prep to ensure all oily residues have been removed from the paint.
  3. On your first go, load up the included applicator with Mohs EVO.
  4. Working in small sections, apply Mohs EVO liberally in your favorite motion. 
  5. When the coating looks like its beading, its time to remove.
  6. Wipe off with a clean microfiber towel.
  7. You can apply a second layer of Mohs EVO 1 hour after the first layer, but not more than 2 hours later.
  8. Allow the car to dry for 12 hours (preferably 24 hours) before it gets wet. Don't wash it for one week. If you applied Mohs EVO outdoors, make sure the car can be stored indoors overnight.

If you are not seeing Mohs EVO beading you may have used too little product. Give it some more time, but if its been a while you used too little. Also, don't overwork the product during application by cross-hatching it. Mohs EVO bonds quickly, so your application is faster and easier.

Gyeon is known for their outstanding coating maintenance products so maintaining your car coated with Mohs EVO is easy! Wash with Gyeon Bathe and use either Gyeon WetCoat or Gyeon Ceramic Detailer for added protection. If you really want to extend the life of Mohs EVO, you can top it with Gyeon CanCoat EVO!

Size: 50 ml (Also available in a 30 ml size)
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