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Carpet Film, 4 mil, 24" x 500'

Carpet Film, 4 mil, 24" x 500'
SKU: CF500
Weight: 23 lbs
Carpet film is designed to protect new and freshly cleaned carpets.
Price: $139.99
Product Details
Considering carpet film is designed to protect new and freshly cleaned carpets, there are a few key attributes I wanted our carpet film to have. First, I wanted a film that worked very well on both dry and freshly shampooed carpets. A film that doesn't stick to freshly shampooed carpets is worthless. I also wanted a high quality film that would resist tearing and rips.  After testing and reviewing many different films, I am very pleased to be adding this carpet film to Autoality's offering!

The first key to a good carpet film is its adhesive. You will find the adhesive on our film to be stronger than the industry standard. This film is exceptional on freshly shampooed carpets; the real test of a films ability to hold. 

Don't be fooled by cheaper carpet film that is 2.5 or 3 mil thick. Our carpet film is 4 mils thick for a reason. The second key to a good quality carpet film is it resists rips and tears. Our 4 mil thick film is very strong, and resists tears and rips better than the thinner films. Our film is perforated every 21 inches and comes printed with "Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover".

If you've used carpet film in the past, you've seen it get stuck to itself. With the thinner films, you can't successfully pull it apart, so you end up wasting that piece of film. With our 4 mil film, you can successfully pull the film apart and still use the piece of film, reducing waste.

Don't settle for thin film that won't adhere to freshly shampooed carpet!

Size: 24" x 500'

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