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Autofiber Amphibian XL Drying Towel

Autofiber Amphibian XL Drying Towel
Autofiber Amphibian XL Drying Towel
SKU: TTX1100GYG2040-1
Weight: 1 lbs 5 ozs
Combines the water absorbing ability of the Dreadnought with the dense, thick pile of the Motherfluffer XL into one amazing drying towel!
Product Details
  • 33% Larger than the original Amphibian.
  • Two different drying towels (Dreadnought and Motherfluffer XL) combined into one awesome drying towel!
  • The grey twist style microfiber glides softly across paint and glass.
  • The green dense, high pile side removes any remaining streaks from glass and mirrors.
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 1100 GSM
    • Size: 20" x 40"
    • Blend: 75/25
    • Colors: Green with Grey
Half Dreadnought (grey side), half Motherfluffer (green side), the Amphibian XL drying towel is the best of Autofiber's two most popular drying towels! The Amphibian XL is the perfect drying towel to use when rinseless washing. Use the Dreadnought side to for the initial wipe and then follow with the Motherfluffer side to soak up any residual dampness and to remove any streaks on the windows.

The large 20" x 40" size of the Amphibian XL makes it perfect for drying an entire car, even large SUV's. You can use the Amphibian XL as an open sheet or folded up into quarters. Either way, the 1100 GSM weight and thick pile are easy to use! The Amphibian XL is perfect to use around the entire car, however it performs particularly well on windows and mirrors.

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Made in China
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