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3D 1101 Super Wheel Cleaner, 6 Gallon

3D 1101 Super Wheel Cleaner, 6 Gallon
3D 1101 Super Wheel Cleaner, 6 Gallon
SKU: 1101G06
Weight: 67 lbs 0 ozs
Ultra concentrated, environmentally safe, strong wheel cleaner for clear coated, painted and aluminum wheels. More details...
Price: $339.99
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Product Details
  • The Nano Drum version of 3D Safe Wheel Acid.
  • Powerful wheel cleaner that is safe on clear coated, painted and aluminum wheels.
  • Ultra concentrated...produces up to 84 gallons of ready-to-use wheel cleaner.
  • No color, no scent.
  • Recommended dilution ratios: (tip color for 3D proportioners only)
    • In a proportioner (dispensing 1 gallon/minute)
      • Regular Strength - 13:1 (Black Small Tip)
      • Extra Strength - 11:1 (Purple Small Tip)
      • Super Strength - 9:1 (Grey Small Tip)
    • Hand Dilution (pay close attention, these aren't your normal ratios)
      • Regular Strength - 9.5 oz. per 1 gallon of water
      • Extra Strength - 11.5 oz. per 1 gallon of water
      • Super Strength - 14.5 oz. per 1 gallon of water
3D's 1101 Super Wheel Cleaner is the Nano Drum equivalent of 3D Safe Wheel Acid. This ultra concentrated, environmentally safe, strong wheel cleaner removes grease, oxidation, brake dust, grime and tough dirt from your wheels. It is safe for clear coated, painted and aluminum rims. It does not contain hydrofluoric or sulfuric acids. 

For the first time since the development of car wash chemicals, 3D has created Ultra-Concentrate car wash liquids that stay homogeneous. After years of research, they have developed a unique super extraction process that produces highly potent ingredients. They then micro-homogenize those ingredients to create low viscosity and homogeneous formulas that will not separate. The cleaning and production results are outstanding. These new super emulsified, ultra concentrated 3D Nano Drum formulations deliver even better results than the concentrated version.

3D's Nano Drums are super ultra-concentrated. One 6 gallon Nano Drum produces more ready-to-use product than a 55 gallon drum of concentrate while the gallon sized Nano Drums produce more ready-to-use product than two 5 gallons of concentrate. If you've been purchasing 3D Orange Degreaser in the 5 gallon size, you would need to purchase 2 of them and you still couldn't equal the output or performance you get from just one gallon of 3D Super Citrus APC.

Do you remember 3D's Hyper Concentrates? They were very confusing to use. They required dilution prior to being fed through a proportioner. They continually separated. They were a good idea, just not very practical in execution. Those issues have all been solved with the 3D Nano Drums. These formulas are micro-homogenized so they will not separate. Plus, you can feed them directly into your existing proportioner from the container. If you don't have a proportioner system, each product comes with directions for hand dilution as well.

One of the biggest advantages to the Nano Drum line is the space savings. Space in your shop costs money. All leases specify your cost per square foot. Why take up space you are paying for with larger containers than needed. 3D's Nano Drums are ultra concentrated. One 6 gallon Nano Drum produces more product than a 55 gallon drum of concentrate. Gallon Nano Drums produce more product than two 5 gallon totes. As a result, you will save 9 to 10 times the space. Freeing up more of your shop space to make you money.

Size: 6 Gallon

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